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Get Found On The Internet

The biggest questions I hear from new clients (after their website or e-store goes live) is….How can I get more traffic or orders through my website? and Why can’t I find my business on Google?

The direct answer is (insert harsh reality here):
Just because you launch a website doesn’t mean people are going to find it.

Most business people understand the relationship between: your store’s physical location and the amount of advertising dollars you must spend to let people know where you are located.  Bad location = More Advertising Required, Great Location = Less Advertsing Required.  Imagine that you find a great retail space, but it’s in a BAD LOCATION (off the beaten path, just around the bend, behind that other big building…..where no one can see you).  Although the rent may be just what you’re looking for, the location is obviously a bad one for RETAIL, so you will need to spend more money on advertising to let people know just where you are.  Compare this to retail stores located inside a MALL…which have daily walk-by traffic, or to a Corner Gas Station that sees thousands of vehicles pass by daily.  These businesses will definitely pay more for their locations, but will spend less on advertising.

Now imagine that you’ve just launched your website.   Your new online business is now located in a city with Millions of streets….maybe even Billions.

How are you ever going to get people to find your store?  Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Everyone is familiar with Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. which are primarily search engine services.  They are like the Yellow Pages Phone Book.  If you want people to find you, you MUST be listed in the book.  Fortunately getting listed on search engines is free…but does require some effort and work on your part.  Search engines send out BOTs that troll around the internet and index every site/page they find.  These BOTs have specific instructions to leave sites that are problematic, missing info, spam, etc.  It goes without saying then, that if you simply make friends with these BOTs, they can raise your search engine rankings significantly.

“If you do nothing to optimize and promote your site, you’ll get nothing in return. “

Search Engine Optimization is ESSENTIAL for your site to become successful.  Here’s what we do to help:


E-Commerce SEO Package 1 E-Commerce SEO Package 2 E-Commerce SEO Package 3 E-Commerce SEO Package 4
Site Review check check check check
Keyword Research 5 to 10 keywords Up to 25 keywords Up to 40 keywords Up to 100 keywords
Information Pages Optimized Homepage only Homepage plus 2 info pages Homepage plus 5 info pages Homepage plus 10 info pages
Category Pages Optimized 10 25 40 65
Product Pages Optimized 25 50 100 200
Google Base Setup & Upload check check check check
Google Webmaster Tools Setup check check check check
Google Analytics Setup (if applicable) check check check check
Google Sitemap Creation check check check check
Search Engine Submission check check check check
Image Filename Optimization check check
Content Writing for category descriptions check check
Link Building check check
Directory Submission check check
Social bookmarking submission check
Duration of project 3 to 4 weeks 6 to 8 weeks 6 months 6 to 8 months
$399 $899 $1599 $2199

Site Review
We will review your site and provide a comprehensive outline of things that need to be worked on, in order to improve your search engine rankings….and increase traffic from the major search engines.

Keyword Research
We will research keywords for products similar to yours, that are working for other people.  We then use those keywords to optimize your meta tags and page content.

Image Filename Optimization
We will optimize the file names of your images with targeted keywords.  (Note:  This is not a photo editing service)

Link Building
We increase your websites pages’ popularity with the search engines by placing your site on popular, top quality, product specific, niche related websites.  Incoming links are built manually, and not by any automated methods or mass submissions (link farms that promise thousands of  weblinks to your site).

A Google account is needed for all packages.  You can get one here, if you don’t have one already.  Simply provide us with this information once you have it.


Please make sure that you read our SEO Terms & Conditions.
By purchasing a package from us, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand,  accept and will follow our terms & conditions.